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Codex Knights is a 3D adventure mobile game designed to ignite a passion for reading and discovery.

A good book is like a portal into another world, filled with wonder and mystery. Codex Knight combines the wonder of reading with the immersion and interactivity of video games.

Explore an open world inspired by African culture and science fiction, custom built for mobile phones.


Excerpt from Security Officer's Log

SA Colony 1-5: Research and Development

September 24th, 21??

Today marks the 8th year anniversary of our arrival on Senopia. Well, it's officially known as Planet 564, but we all refer to it as Senopia, as named by the scientists who first discovered it. Most of the people on this colony still miss Earth, but as everyone knows, there was nothing left for us there. It was an empty husk when we left it. I try to remember it like it was in the documentaries of old, but I mostly just remember the toxic air and barren land.

Today is a day of celebration, but it's one of the busiest days of the year for my department. The Codex Realm gets extra traffic on this day as some people love to throw crazy parties that are not physically possible in the real world. My job is to make sure that everyone is safe and there are no misdemeanours, both in the real world and the digital world.

I have noticed something worrying though. There have been some weird glitches in the Realm lately. I've spoken to my superiors and the maintainers of the Realm (situated on SA Colony 1-1) but they have told me, in no uncertain terms, that I am to leave it alone. They obviously don't know me, because I cannot and will not leave it alone. I've seen to the safety of the South African inhabitants since we left earth on the lifeboat and I'm not about to let a glitch get in the way of that. Hmm, maybe Thato can help? He understands the Codex Realm better than anyone. Also, he owes me.

Recorded by JM at 08:25:14


Protect a living, breathing world, full of people to meet, mysteries to solve and secrets to find.

Experience the worlds of digitally recreated books in the Codex Realm.

Take on training simulations in the Codex Realm to hone your skills. Every simulation is procedurally generated, which means they are different every time.

Earn credits for running errands and helping out the inhabitants of the settlement colony.

Fix viruses and glitches in the Codex Realm with the help of your handy Codex device.

Patrol the island colony and discover what's happening in the shadows.

Supported Platforms


iOS (Coming Soon)



The Codex

The Codex provides a gateway to the Codex Realm and gives you the tools you need to overcome the challenges contained within.

It holds within its core the ability to access virtual worlds, coat a knight's virtual exo-suit with impenetrable armor and form virus destroying tools. Mod and customize your Codex to better equip you for the challenges faced by Codex Knights.

Featured Worlds

Explore the worlds of books, brought to life in the game. Speak to characters, explore locations and complete quests by reading the book.

Jock of the Bushveld
Written by Sir James Percy FitzPatrick

This is a classic South African story about a man's travels through the bushveld with his faithful dog, Jock.

More to come...


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