The Game

Codex Knights is a 3D action RPG puzzler designed to encourage and promote reading.

Reading is boring you say? Well, you must not have read any good books. Reading can be boring though, especially when you're forced to read for school or university. However, a good book is like a portal into another world, filled with wonder and mystery.

This game is being designed to immerse you in the worlds of some fantastical books. You can explore these worlds and interact with the characters and events in the book.



Explore the open world of each book, complete with characters to talk to, quests to complete and treasures and secrets to be found.

Spirited questing and puzzle solving will keep you enthralled and entertained whilst gaining knowledge from each book.

Overcome procedurally generated dungeons that are different every time you explore them.

Challenge and conquer the island hub world, from snowy peaks to dense jungles, as you discover why you’re here and your purpose.

You’re a hardcore Codex Knight. Battle villains and assorted bad dudes, intent on your destruction.

Collect gold to buy better weapons, equipment and potions. Level up to unlock new skills and become better, faster and stronger.

The Story

Welcome to Senopia, otherwise known as Planet 564. This is your new home. The air on Earth became toxic and we started running out of food sources. We were on the brink of extinction. Then our saviours, the Ultra Corporation, came to our rescue with a plan. They found a planet in a faraway galaxy that could sustain human life. They also built massive spaceships to take humanity to this new planet.

And here we are today, safe and sound. You are part of one of the island colonies, which are reserved for scientists and their families. Here, you can work on advancing science and technology without outside interference. Have fun building the new world.

The Codex

The codex is the beating heart of every Knight’s exo-suit.

It holds within its core the ability to access virtual worlds, coat your exo-suit with impenetrable armor and form bad-guy wrecking weapons. Mod and customize your CODEX to generate more power and tougher armor.


Explore the worlds of books, brought to life in the game. Speak to characters, explore locations and solve puzzles by reading the book.

Jock of the Bushveld
Written by Sir James Percy FitzPatrick

This is a classic South African story about a man's travels through the bushveld with his faithful dog, Jock.

The Unfamiliar
Written by Matthew Dalton

So if you randomly found a mysterious glowing portal in your basement, would you enter it? If you found a very strange place on the other side, with toxic air and a mysterious underground civilisation, would you explore it? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should read this book to find out why you definitely shouldn't do any of it.


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